Hours of Operation - Monday and Thursday 10:00 A.M till 04:00 P.M


The Bonneau Town Hall, located in Bonneau, SC, provides municipal services for residents of Bonneau. The building houses government offices, including the Bonneau legislative body, and provides public records, government services, and information about Bonneau services.

Physical Address - 422 Municipal Ln, Bonneau SC 29431 Mailing Address - PO Box 70, Bonneau SC 29431

Phone Number - 843-825-3385

Email - Bonneau_Clerk@tds.net

-  The Town Of Bonneau was first chartered on October 25, 1911 and was then cancelled on February 17th 1933. It was eventually redone in 1935, making The Town over one hundred and twelve years old. The Town of Bonneau has a population of 487 residents. Although small, our town is very rich in history. According to some of the " Old Timers " the town once held the title of the County Seat. It can also boast of having the first high school in Berkeley County, which was located on Black Oak Road. Mae Mitchum would also hold classes in her home on Murrays Ferry. Ms. Mitchum's daughter also held the honor of being the first female high school principal in the state of South Carolina. At one time, the town had a bank, jail, doctors office, and a grocery store. In the 1930's, there was a major fire that destroyed over half the town. Following the fire, a large portion of the population and businesses moved on leaving the quiet small town we all know and love today.

-  In 1964, The Bonneau Rural Volunteer Fire Department was established and is still being utilized today. When first started the fire department was housed in an old feed mill on Highway 52 and was there for several years. It was eventually relocated beside the town hall building where it stands today. This fire department had a volunteer female brigade that would respond to emergencies during the day while the men were at work.

-  In the 1990's, our town started a well-known festival named " The Peanut Broil". Our community and churches came together to enjoy a parade, pig cookoff, tractor and car shows, music, and any food you could imagine. As of the year 2023, Mayor Rembert Wrenn and the council members have been together since 1986, with the mayor being in office for over 37 years. Council member Debbie Thomas was elected in 1992 and Council member Joe Brunson was elected in 2018. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                        - Submitted by Rembert & Liz Wrenn